Pasquotank Peace Initiative

Building bridges of understanding and healing in Pasquotank County

Reimagining what kind of community we want to have.

About the Peace Initiative

The Pasquotank Peace Initiative is a series of community-wide listening sessions moderated by professional, trained moderators.  The sessions are small, safe, facilitated conversations where community members can express how they feel about public safety and how they want to be served by the Sheriff’s Office.  When all the sessions are complete, the statements, views and data will be anonymized and compiled into a report for the County to help shape policies going forward.

Purpose and Mission

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to develop a practical, lasting framework for inclusive community engagement that reimagines public safety in Pasquotank County, paying particular attention to strengthening relationships between all community members.

Our Mission

Our mission is to tap into the wisdom in the community to find out what kind of Pasquotank County we want to have, and to discover wants and needs in terms of public safety. The results of these sessions will be delivered as a report to help shape policies going forward.  Outcomes will be measured on an ongoing basis with the hope of measurable improvements in the community feeling seen, heard and valued, and feeling that the leaders are responsive and interested in the needs of community members.

Screen shot of an example virtual session in progress.

Why Should I Join?

Join the Peace Initiative to be part of the change.  By participating, you and your group or community is seen and heard in ways that become part of the future of public safety in Pasquotank County. 

We’re looking for the people who may not have the opportunity or access for public meetings or prefer a more private setting to make their voices heard, especially those who have been directly and indirectly impacted by issues of personal and community safety.

Check back often to find out details, and view the action steps being taken.  Click below to find out what community members are talking about, where meetings will be held and streamed and how progress is coming along.  Participating in a listening session and gathering others with lived experience and expertise or others who simply care about our County can make a huge difference for you and your church, your school, your community, your neighborhood for public safety and elevating the response to reducing gun violence.

How It Works

A Community Conversation is an online video conversation to tap into the wisdom in the community to find out what kind of Pasquotank County we want to have.  Those who join will be asked about their experiences, ideas, beliefs, hopes and frustrations about community safety and policing in your neighborhood.  These conversations are moderated by professionals with lived experience, who will guide the group from beginning to end.    This virtual environment is a safe space where candor and truth are sought and valued. The identities of those who choose to participate will be honored, respected and not revealed outside of the group.  Afterwards, participants are asked for their anonymized opinions.  This information will be included in a report to be given to the County to help shape policies going forward.

Screen shot of an example virtual session agenda.
Screen shot of an example virtual session in progress.

Who Are We?

The Pasquotank Peace Initiative is a collaboration between Police2Peace and Pasquotank County.  Police2Peace is a national nonprofit that unites communities which may have experienced violence around programs that uplift and heal them.

The information on this website is being presented for transparency, so that findings and outcomes are available for anyone who’s interested.

Check back here to find out how we’re doing, what’s our progress, and how you can be part of the change and make a difference for you and your church, your school, your community and your neighborhood.

Want a conversation for your community?

Just click here to schedule a conversation for your community, group, church or club.   Virtual sessions are being convened now, which can be scheduled in as quickly as one week.   Up to 15 people is a good upper limit for participants, as we want to keep the conversations small, intimate and allow everyone time to speak.  Just click here to send an email with your desired date and time, and we will take it from there and reach out within 24 hours.  Once we schedule the session, we will generate an online link which you will be able to share which is unique for your session, which allows people to easily sign up online.  

Click here to reach out and begin a conversation for your community.

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